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11 May 2018
Claire and Sam Self-Drive Namibia - Part 2
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While we were in Etosha, we were fortunate enough to experience beautiful storms, whereas the other areas we had previously visited have not had decent rainfall at that stage for over 7 years.
The wildlife in Etosha is spectacular, the birding is incredible and the flora diverse throughout. Etosha Pan is a sight to marvel at - in the dry season it is vast and attracts plains game and in the rainy season is provides the illusion of a large lake.

Namibia as a whole is a fantastic location for those who are keen on self-driving. The roads, despite almost always gravel, are we signed and you can come across some real gems that you wouldn't see from the sky. That being said, for those who enjoy the comfort and luxury of flying, Namibia is also a destination for you as scheduled charters occur daily making your hops between lodges or camps easy and quick. If you have the time though, take the wheel and explore at your leisure.