Ellerman Villa One is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious villas in Cape Town, yet also overlooked as a family accommodation option due to its opulence. It is however a great option for parents who would like the comfort of being next to one of Cape Town’s most celebrated hotels, but also the flexibility for their kids to let their hair down and enjoy their holiday too. Travelling with kids often gives us a new perspective of a destination through their little eyes, and the joy that they have just splashing around in a pool or discovering a new skill brings as much delight to parents as it does to the children. A private chef is included in the stay at the villa, and children are often invited to cook with the chefs, whether it’s cupcakes for a sweet treat or pancakes on those cooler days in Cape Town. All meals are served in the villa so there is no need to ever leave this private space, and with this fast paced life we live, sitting down to not only enjoy a meal together, but to talk through the excitement of a day explored, is a very rare and valued occurrence. The infinity pool is safe for children who would like to splash around the pool and enjoy the deck area, while grown-ups can soak up the sun on the loungers, no doubt with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand.

With three bedrooms, a living area, TV room, plenty of toys and games, a large deck overlooking the Atlantic and family dining room, there is enough space for little guests to enjoy their surroundings.

We’d thought we’d leave you with a little bit of warm and fuzzy incitement of this special family option as you dream of your next trip to Cape Town: