Cuisine & Culture

Learn how to fold 'samoosas' in the Malay Quarter in Cape Town. Sip on a home brewed 'umquombothi' beer as you listen to jazz in the township. Stop for 'shisa nyama' on your 'tuk tuk' tour through Soweto.  Share a locally made Tipo Tinto rum cocktail at a 'baraka' tavern in Vilakulo, Mozambique.  Enjoy the heady scent on the tropical breeze at the Stone Town Spice Market in Zanzibar.  These are just a taste of some of the cultural experiences possible throughout the destinations we specialize in.  We cannot wait to share them all with you.  

Star Bed

Sweet dreams are made of this. Sleeping beneath the star-studded blanket that is the African night sky is a nocturnal affair not to be missed. Nothing can compare to the sense of awakening you feel in the bush when your slumber is not contained within the confines of brick, mortar or canvas. Our own experience of this exhilarating activity has led us to partner with some very special camps who invite the adventurer in you to come and stay. 

Heli Flip

There are a number of handpicked, quality tourism partners we work with that offer helicopter transfers between their camps and the main transfer hubs. This truly is the only mode of transfer that we all wish would never end.  Get the ultimate aerial shot as you hover above this silvery ribbon, studded with African elephants, grazing lazily in their water-logged pastures.


The canoe safari is one of the most exhilarating ways to connect with the African bush. Seeing the wildlife from a canoe, often means you're looking up at them on the river bank. This is the opposite of what happens on safari drives, delivering a unique encounter. The virtues of a self-propelled safari experience are unparalleled. Canoe safaris vary in terms of luxury and standard; we know which one will be just perfect for you.


The opportunities to take yourself out of your comfort zone and into the real of incredible connections abound with a SUP excursion.  Being out on the water, be it on the sparkling waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago, in the crystal clear channels of the Okavango Delta or even in the canals of Cape Town's V&A Waterfront, expert guides will take you on an adventure of a lifetime.  Young and old - if you can dream it, you can do it.  And good news is the 'stay dry' record is almost a hundred percent.  We highly recommend this activity for the whole family.  

Walking Safari

There is something about a walking safari which restores the soul like nothing else on earth. It begins with a deep desire to feel connected to natural world.  The imagination is loosed to run wild across the wide open plains of the African savannah. The warm sun lights up your face as you tilt it upwards beneath seemingly endless skies. Taking in a spot of tea made on an open fire in the shade of towering sausage trees, the cacophony of nature's symphony as your backing track is an experience not to be missed.