Scale the towering, undisturbed red dunes of Sossusvlei. Rejoice at finding the desert adapted elephant after tracking their spoor in the dry Hoanib riverbed. Photograph the dramatic, white washed scenes of the Etosha Pan. Touch the handmade beaded necklace of a Himba lady. Sip a locally brewed Tafel lager on your sundowner cruise upon the Kunene River. Scan the vast, dramatic Damaraland wilderness. Fly over the word's oldest desert, the Namib. Marvel at the stars in this big sky country.  ǁKhoreǁhare ! Welcome to Namibia.


Be enveloped by the 'Smoke that Thunders'. Sit at the edge of Kennedy Pan in Hwange National Park and observe the activity. Lean in closer as a local craftsman tells you about the meaning of the Nyami Nyami charm on the necklace he's made. Share a sundowner with the wildlife from your vantage point in a photographic hide alongside a waterhole. Plunge into the chasm of the Batoka Gorge yelling 'bungi' all the way down.  Take in 'World's View' in the fascinating Motopos. Be one of the few to witness the glowing red cliffs of the Chilo Gorge. Siyalemukela! Welcome to Zimbabwe.   


Glide silently along hippo highways in a traditional dug out canoe mekoro, spotting endemic wildlife as you go. Take an exhilarating flip in a helicopter over the beautiful Selinda spillway. Join the egalitarian Bushmen in the remote Western Kalahari as the tribe embarks on a hunting and gathering expedition. Sleep out under the stars on a star bed deep in the bush. Watch the sun rise in tandem with your hot air balloon as you float over the Okavango Delta's watery wilderness below. O amogelesegile! Welcome to Botswana.

South Africa

Summit Lion's Head on a guided moonlit walk. Witness the colourful celebration of the Cape Minstrel Carnival. Take a selfie with a 'dassie' or, rock hyrax on the top of Table Mountain. Breathe in the champagne air of the whale coast. Sip exquisite wines in the company of world class winemakers. Feel a surge of adrenaline as you enjoy close encounters with apex predators, both in the ocean and on 'terra firma'. Sip the original craft beer, 'umqombothi',home brewed by the Xhosa tribe. Experience the warm hospitality of South Africans everywhere you go. Wamkilikele! Welcome to South Africa.


Have breakfast with the Rothschild giraffes, meet the proud Samburu tribe of the north, ride a camel to your oasis picnic, have your 'Out of Africa' moment on the very spot where that scene was filmed. Hold in your hands a book written by the famous explorer (and, our namesake), Dr. David Livingstone. Witness the epic migration of some two million wildebeest. Take a guided, interpretive nature walk with the Masaa along the Mara Triangle escarpment. Let your cares float away as you drift over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon. Karibu sana!  Welcome to Kenya.  


Breathe in the crisp, clean air of the Nyika Plateau. Sip a perfectly brewed cup of tea with sprawling views of verdant plantations at your feet. Watch elephants bathing in the mighty Shire River. Snorkel to breakfast from your bungalow on Lake Malawi, counting colourful African chichlid fish en-route. Clamber up an ancient baobab tree on heart-shaped Mumbo Island and take in the impressive view of this vast inland sea from its summit. Help pull in the nets bursting with little silver fish onto the shore of the Lake of Stars.  Zikomo! Welcome to Malawi.


Sunshine, beaches, diving, watersports and fishing are the primary attractions in Mozambique. Visitors to this beautiful coastline are spoilt with a range of choices in accommodation – from simple fishing camps to ultra-luxurious beach retreats. The diving and diversity of aquatic life is astounding, making it a magnet for eco-tourists and serious divers alike.  The wildlife is certainly there too. Shy as they may be, the legendary wilderness areas such as the Gorongosa National Park are once more attracting the attention they so deserve.  Seja bemvindo! Welcome to Mozambique.


Shout for joy at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro's Uhuru peak. Spot tree climbing lions in Tarangire's baobab forests. Taking a guided run with a local Maasaai warrior. Watch the fascinating flamingo mating ritual from start to finish. Observe a traditional Hadzabe bushman hunt. Teeter along the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. Witness the greatest migration on earth as millions of wildebeest plunge into the Mara River, compelled by the promise of lush grazing on the opposite bank. Float off on a gentle sojourn above the great plains of the Serengeti. Karibu sana! Welcome to Tanzania.  


Take a dip in Devil's Pool, peering over the precipice at the mighty Victoria Falls waterfall. Watch the carmine bee-eaters paint the sky with their colourful plumage, swooping and swirling above you on the banks of the Lower Zambezi. Follow in the footsteps of the pioneer of walking safaris, Norman Carr, in the Luangwa Valley. Float above the sweeping Busanga Plains in a hot air balloon. Witness the second largest migration on earth in the iconic Liuwa Plains. Mwabonwa! Welcome to Zambia.


Sip on a cocktail as you sail off into the sunset on a local dhow.  Kite surf on tropical trade winds that have shaped the fortunes of empires.   Scuba dive or snorkel along pristine coral reefs.  Take your senses on a culinary journey as you explore the many bustling markets in ancient Stone Town, awash with the heady scent of spices in the air.  Marvel at the House of Wonders or visit the site of the shortest war ever fought.  Stroll along the impossibly narrow alleyways. Open heavy, carved Zanzibari doors and enter into another world - that of the revered artisans of Unguja.  Karibu sana! Welcome to Zanzibar.