Art requires creativity.  So does weaving exceptional itineraries for our clients.  And so, we can comfortably draw the parallel between these two concepts.  It takes exceptional creativity and skill to produce a worthwhile product.  We consider ourselves curators of experiences.  We also have a deep appreciation for original art.  If you are looking for a personal experience of the amazing art in Africa, look no further. 


Beach destinations abound around Africa.  From the wild, wide beaches of South Africa to the idyllic white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean Islands.  You will even find beachside bliss in land locked countries.  Some of Africa's lakes are so vast, they are veritable inland seas such as Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika.  We have our finger on the pulse of which beach destinations and properties are best suited for your dream escape. 


Weddings are incredible affairs in Africa. For just two, a few or many of you. With the expertise at hand, we can help make your nuptials in Southern Africa or the alluringly close Indian Ocean Islands a dream come true.  And then, it's time for honeymoon. We have some endlessly romantic combinations for bush and beach trips; each one as amazing as the partner you've chosen to share your foxhole with.  If you wish to mark your anniversary or a grandchild's special birthday with a trip to Africa, we have many ideas for where your iconic celebration could take place.  We're happy to arrange it all.       


We're passionate about family travel.  We understand all the nuances of what makes a family vacation an exceptional one.  This is where we employ all our specialist knowledge.  We know the difference between family tolerant and family friendly properties. When it comes to safari, we know the best possible spots that will capture the imagination of your little ones.  Our philosophy regarding family travel is simple; happy kids, happy parents equals happy travellers and many 'Inspired Journeys, Timeless Moments'.  That's what makes us tick. 


When one dreams of an African safari, your mind's eye imagines the vast grass floodplains studded with plains game, grazing calmly in the warm sunshine.  Your days on safari are dictated by the rhythm of nature, punctuated by engaging conversations with experienced, local guides in the camps you visit. Interactions with wildlife play out against the dramatic landscape of the ancient African bushveld.Whether planning to take your significant other or your entire, extended family, a safari is the ideal way to reconnect with nature and your loved ones.